Average soap life is about 2 full years. However, the butters and herbs that the soap is made out of have a massive impact on the expiration date.

Natural soaps do not usually go bad fast because even though they do not have any many preservatives or harmful chemicals like commercial soaps. With that being said, the color and smell may fade in an artisan all-natural soap bar. This statement applies more so if the soap is scented with essential oils rather than synthetic oils. MELNA uses only Phthalate free fragrances free of synthetics. 

The oils used have a great impact on quickly the scent fades. Citrus smells are usually prone to dissipate quickly.

Soaps containing large amounts of oils are at a higher risk of going rancid. Oils take a while to expire, but they do eventually expire and go rancid. MELNA uses decadent plant-based butters and oils. 

With that said, we recommend using your bars before the "best if used by date" which is about 18 full months. Enjoy!